The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that hold a vibrational record/archive of each soul and its journey – the soul’s blue-print. They are energetic records of all thoughts, feelings, events, and beliefs that have ever happened, and all possibilities and probabilities for the future.

The word, “Akasha”, is a Sanskrit word meaning primary substance out of which all things are formed.


Jamie Bulrice, founder of Akashic Roots, is an Advanced Akashic Record reader and has been working in the Records for over four years.

She has a vast Spiritual palette, ranging from Astrology to Zen. After years of spiritual practice and exploration, the Akashic Records stole her heart.

Jamie is currently enrolled in Linda Howe’s Teacher Certification Training and will begin teaching the Beginner’s and Advanced Certification Classes soon.


  • Make Peace
    with your past lives
    and let go of fear
  • Explore who you are,
    from the perspective
    of your soul
  • Gain Clarity
    where you’ve been
    feeling confusion


Take a peek at what people are saying about Akashic Roots.

First let me begin by expressing my great appreciation for your incredible, life changing gift of an Akashic Reading today. It was thrilling, deeply emotional, eye opening and powerful for me in spiritual, energetic, emotional and physical ways. I am different now. I am wiser. I am broader. I am higher flying. I am love. I am grateful. Thank you…Your eloquent and articulate words really helped me understand clearly my mission in the short term to heal some of these things that have been challenging me lately and weighing heavy on my mind. Thank you!


The reading was extremely helpful, clear, and right on point, which helped me to resonate with all of what was said. It helped me a lot… I felt heard, understood, and protected… I am really looking forward to another reading in the future to see what has changed or transformed.”


I experienced the reading as the Truth, with a capital T. The type of truth you hear that you know is true not because someone told you it is true but because you just KNOW on a soul level that it is true. To me that is a major way that this differed from a psychic reading. Jamie, I felt that you created a space that was open. I immediately wanted to get real, with no ego, no pretense, no story. I wanted to talk about the truth and remember feeling pretty immediately that it was available to me and I didn’t want to waste a moment.